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Continental Championship

I just signed up for the Continental Championship, to be held in Medellin (Colombia) from June 9th thru 19th!

The event is a World Cup qualifier, so the top 6 finishers will be elegible to play the FIDE Knock-Out stage in Tblisi (Georgia) from September 2nd thru 28th.

There will be many other American players participating, so be sure to follow the action. Below is a link to the tournament information (I can’t believe chess-results isn’t more popular in the US!)


The Patagonia Penguins

Hey there! The PRO Chess League started last night and our team did really well. Our final score against the Columbus Cardinals was 12-4!

You can follow us on facebook and twitter, but in the mean time I want you to check out a cool game that was played by our second board Daniel Pacheco.

It actually reminded me of a game played by Kavalek back in 1962! You can find both games in the following link:

Don’t forget to check out our facebook page:

And also follow us on twitter: